Webinar: A new technology to evaluate cardiac contractility on high throughput level

FLEXcyte 96 Technology: Investigate in vitro cardiac contractility under physiological conditions

Contractility measurements on human iPSC-derived cardiac myocytes on a 96-well CellDrum by innoVitro

Presentation video of the winners of the AC² start-up competition

Founder profile NUK 2018

Winner of the concept phase of the Science4Life Venture Cup 2018

"The FLEXcyte brings another dimension to iPS-derived cardiomyocyte based assays. Measuring contractility in such a direct and easy way allows us to understand the cell functionality better and will help us in both our product development and safety pharmacology research"

Choong-seong (Henry) Han,
CEO, Founder, D.D.S., Ph.D.,
NEXEL Co., Ltd.