FLEXcyte 96 Grant

FLEXcyte 96 – Call for Proposals

Analyze the contractility of your human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes or other contractile cells in vitro: The FLEXcyte 96 technology utilizes a disposable unique 96-well plate with incorporated 10 µm polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membranes (FLX-96 plates): The cells adhere as monolayers on the flexible substrate. This unique technology allows for recordings in a native-like environment.

Principle: The contractility is measured via movement of the utilized PDMS membranes: While being deflected by the weight of the culture medium, rhythmic contraction of the contractile cells (e.g. cardiomyocytes) lift the membranes in the 96-well upwards. By measuring the changes in deflection, the mechanical stress can be calculated. 

Nanion Technologies GmbH will provide a complete instrument for a 6-month project and an intense training on the method and innoVitro GmbH will provide a bundle of consumables. Furthermore, Nanion and innoVitro scientists will support the project intensely.

Projects considered for sponsorship are the development of a new FLEXcyte-based assays or a scientific question concerning structural and functional contractility recordings in cardiotoxicity, safety and efficacy screening and basic research.

"The FLEXcyte brings another dimension to iPS-derived cardiomyocyte based assays. Measuring contractility in such a direct and easy way allows us to understand the cell functionality better and will help us in both our product development and safety pharmacology research"

Choong-seong (Henry) Han,
CEO, Founder, D.D.S., Ph.D.,
NEXEL Co., Ltd.