CardioExcyte 96

Monitoring Cell Viability

Technology anchor


The CardioExcyte 96 is a next generation label-free screening technology ideal for the assessment of compound-induced cellular and electrophysiological changes. Acute and chronic cell activity can be analyzed in real-time providing significant information regarding cell morphology, monitored with an electric current that is impeded by the cell monolayer. From the same plate, electric field potential recordings can be analyzed to provide complementary knowledge to patch clamp electrophysiology.

The base impedance parameter is employed for the analysis of cellular changes. Compound-induced detachment of cells, loss of tight junctions or membrane integrity causes a shift in base impedance revealing potential hazardous side effects on cellular morphology.

To analyze MEA-like electrophysiological properties, Electric Field Potential (EFP) recordings can be monitored from the same wells. EFP raw traces and analyzed field potential durations provide insight to changes in cell electrophysiology before and after compound treatment.


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